Rental space

Various shootings, events, seminars, etc.
It also supports overnight training and study sessions.
It can be widely used.

Various shootings, events, seminars, etc.
It also supports overnight training and study sessions.
It can be widely used.

Feel free to use the Japanese garden and the hall.

Mikuniya has a large Japanese garden, which is rare on the island.
The large hall facing the garden has been used as a venue for various events, such as being used as a venue for the “Miyajima Tea Ceremony”.

Please feel free to contact us.

Example of use at shooting / event

・Pre-wedding shooting
・ Japanese dance presentation
・ YouTube shooting
・ Shooting movies and promotional videos
・ Cosplay shooting
・ Events and workshops
・ Company training and planning meetings
・ Seminars and study sessions

You can use it widely according to your purpose and lifestyle.

Rental equipment / shooting equipment

See below for details.
Main building
Japanese-style hall and Japanese garden
Feel free to use it.
New building
Japanese modern old folk house
It can also be reserved for private use.
Japanese umbrellas for photography, benches, etc. We have it.

Japanese-style hall

You can use the Japanese-style hall, which can reach 20 tatami mats when the sliding doors are opened. It is also possible to partition by 10 tatami mats.

You can enjoy the traditional Japanese corridor and porch, and you can enjoy the scenery and atmosphere of the four seasons from the Japanese garden that you can see from there.

Japanese garden

There is also a Japanese garden adjacent to the hall.
You can enjoy various scenery in each season, so please use it for shooting and events that make the most of the scenery.

Japanese modern old folk house

You can use the old folk house as it is.
This old folk house, which has a 90-year-old exterior, a Japanese-style room with a total of 15 tatami mats, and a deep dirt floor, has been selected as a group of traditional buildings.

You can enjoy various activities in a quaint building that is kept private.

*The Japanese-style room in the foreground is 7 tatami mats, and the Japanese-style room in the back is 8 tatami mats.

Rental equipment

・ Japanese umbrella for photography
・ Bench [excluding rainy weather]
・ Long table x 7 legs
・ Mini table x 6 legs
・ Folding screen x 3
・ Wi-Fi (high speed model)
・ Projector screen (charged)
Etc. are available.


¥ 3,000 / h
for both the main building and the new building.
*Maintenance fee of 1,000 yen will be charged separately.

Feel free to contact us with any inquiry big or small.

Phone or use LINE, whichever is your preferred method.

Reception hours

Please send a message
after adding a friend.

Please make your reservation here.