Discover the beauty and exchange in the heart of Miyajima Island. There is an encounter that can only be found here.

A guesthouse where you can interact
with both travelers and locals.

There is an encounter

that can only be found here.

Our offers in Mikuniya Hotel

Feel free to choose the service that suits you for an ideal stay in Miyajima Island.

Worcation in Miyajima

Looking for a beautiful location to work? Choose a UNESCO World Heritage Site for your stay. Our hotel is fully equipped with free wifi and amenities.

Rental of a whole building

Group travel, school trip or seminar in Hiroshima prefecture? Our hotel can accommodate 30 guests in our private rooms and Japanese dormitories.

Plan with dinner (in preparation)

New service at Mikuniya Guesthouse ! You will be able to dine in our Japanese hotel in Miyajima soon.

Corona measures

Mikuniya hotel has taken all necessary security measures to protect guests and staff from Covid-19. You can enjoy a safe stay in our hotel in Miyajima. For more information, check our FAQ or contact our staff.

Media appearance

Find Mikuniya Guesthouse on Japanese TV and in the newspapers!
the Japan times
TV TOKYO animal piece!!
Chugoku Newspaper Worcation coverage

Stay in a hotel on a UNESCO World Heritage Island

Discover the most beautiful views in Japan from the heights of Miyajima Island.

Enter Itsukushima Shrine and touch the grand torii at the seaside. Travel the shopping streets and taste Hiroshima’s culinary specialties. Walk through the primeval forests of Mount Misen and cycle along the beaches.

Feel the nature with Mikuniya Guesthouse. Enjoy our sea and mountain view. Relax in our private bath. Experience a unique and relaxing 10-minute ferry ride from Hatsukaichi. Our hotel is one hour by public transportation from Hiroshima train station.

Miyajima Island waits for you.

Accommodation information

Guesthouses often conjure up images of bunkbeds in cramped rooms and boisterous living areas. However, this is not the feel of Mikuniya.

Mikuniya hotel was once a recreational facility of the Japan Mint. It has a large lounge room overlooking an equally large Japanese garden, two dormitory style rooms and spacious private rooms in which you can relax. You can use wifi, power supply, electric bicycles and amenities for free (hair dryer, bath towels, shampoo and conditioner…).

Check in from 15:00 to 21:00

Check out from 9:00 to 11:00

Introducing Mikuniya

Volunteer workers for Mikunaya

Volunteer workers for Mikuniya hotel. We are currently looking for people who can help rebuild our hotel in Miyajima island. On a trip to Japan ? You want to be part of the staff in our location ? Please contact us for a lifetime experience !
[Traveller Review Awards 2020] Award!

On Booking, the world’s largest accommodation reservation site, we have been selected for the “Traveller Review Awards 2020”, which is given to hotels that are highly evaluated by our guests.

Also, thanks to you, we were able to receive the highest rates of 5.0 in Traveler’s Choice. This award is due to your patronage. We will continue to aim for comfortable rooms, good service and relaxing hotel. Check out our reviews on Booking !

Miyajima’s four seasons

Itsukushima Island is full of wonders in all seasons.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Have you taken safety measures against Coronavirus in your hotel?

Our hotel has established the following policies to protect guests and staff against Covid-19 :

  • Staff are required to wear masks at all times.
  • Body temperature check is conducted diligently on any person who enters the building.
  • Air conditioning and powerful electric fans are used to ventilate the interior environment frequently.
  • Hand sanitizers are placed in easily accessible corners and other spaces inside the building.
  • Doorknobs are frequently disinfected.
  • A dishwashing machine has been set up for guests who would like to prepare their own food.
What is the difference between Mikuniya and other hotels?

Mikuniya Guesthouse has many large shared and private living spaces, such as the lounge, garden, japanese bath and other spaces. Check out our reviews on Google !

Can I park my car on site in Miyajima Island?

You can find free parking near the hotel. Plus, all Miyajima attractions are within walking distance. It is about a 15 minute walk from the ferry terminal, or you can take a taxi.


Miyajima Guesthouse Mikuniya
327 Miyajima-cho, Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima

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