I want customers visiting Miyajima to have many wonderful encounters.

I think the world will be closer to peace as more people travel.

I visited Spain alone a few years ago and had many wonderful encounters. If something happens in Spain in the future, I will remember the people I met there and be concerned about their safety.

Traveling, meeting people and talking directly transforms unfamiliar countries and regions into something with a colorful image. You will be interested in the history and culture of the country or region in order to gain a deeper understanding of that person. If you want to know more about yourself, you may relearn about the country or region where you live.
By doing so, you will become aware of diversity and develop a feeling of compassion for each other. If there are such people all over the world, I think the world will come closer to peace.

I run Mikuniya every day, hoping that customers visiting Miyajima will have many wonderful encounters like I have experienced in Spain.