Mikuniya Volunteer Workers Required!

Would you like to work with us?
Volunteer at Mikuniya

As you know, the tourism industry has suffered greatly due to the novel coronavirus, and Miyajima is no exception. More than 90% of the guests at Mikuniya were foreigners, but the coronavirus has restricted tourism related travel to Japan from foreign countries which has made it very difficult for all of us.

Accommodation subsidy programs have been started by cities and prefectures, along with the Japanese Government’s Go To Travel campaign.
However, the impact of these programs on low cost accommodation providers have been minimal with occupancy rates at less than 10% of what they were last year.

We are working hard at Mikuniya to survive, but it is now difficult as it is no longer possible to afford to pay staff to help. Therefore, we would like to ask people to come and assist with volunteer work at Mikuniya.

Working Conditions.

・We provide you with a dormitory bed. You will have full use of all of the common facilities in the hostel: Showers, toilets, laundry kitchen and lounge room. We also have free wifi Internet access, which you are entitled to use. It is also possible to learn aspects of guesthouse management.

・In exchange you would need to do some work related to guesthouse management for a few hours a day. This may include cleaning, building maintenance, customer service, responding to inquiries, etc.

This offer is only for those who can meet the following criteria.

・Those who have a visa that allows you to work such as a working holiday visa or a student visa (We are unable to accept those who have a tourist visa, nor can we sponsor anyone in accordance with the work visa regulations.)

・Those who can speak English or Japanese to communicate with other staff and guests. You do not need to be fluent.

・You must be fit and healthy and like cleanliness.

・Those who are willing to contribute to a positive and enthusiastic team. Whether it be cleaning, doing odd jobs around the hostel or greeting guests.

・Preference is given to those who can stay for one month or more.

The work you want to ask.

Cleaning, building maintenance, answering machine, customer service, SNS transmission, DIY, etc., all related to guest house management.

Message from the owner.

My name is Junya Terazawa and I own and manage Mikuniya.

We are facing unprecedented times due to the novel coronavirus, and I do require support to be able to maintain the same level of service to guests as I could previously.

I would really appreciate any assistance you could possibly provide at Mikuniya.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us via your preferred method.

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